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Since 1928, Karastan has been weaving the finest handmade rugs a machine ever made. Karastan is number one in terms of quality, and offers an array of stunning textures, patterns and styles to choose from. J&S Carpet has a large selection of Karastan area rugs available for purchase both in store and online. View the selections here or visit our showroom.

Over 40 Years in Business

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Owner Steve Messina began installing carpet and flooring at the age of 16 for his uncle. At age 20 he and his brother Joe started J&S carpet. With no actual store location at that point they did all their work from an old beat up truck they had spent all their money on. Since that time, J&S Carpet Co. Inc. has come a long way. Steve’s brother Joe decided to leave the business and join the police force, while Steve went on learning and growing in the carpet and flooring business.

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Green Products

The Multi-purpose Natural Floor, Non-toxic, Long Lasting,
Easy to Clean Natural Linoleum

Mannington Engineered Hardwood:
These floors use half as many trees as solid wood floors
Faster growing, renewable wood used for inner plies

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